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The Interview

Seth Bogard

"I think with YouTube we make funny videos. The Internet is the way to go."

by Jerry Nunn
Hunx and His Punx are on their way to Chicago. The openly-gay fronted band got their start in California with a unique sound and look. caught up to lead singer Seth Bogard while he was out on the road.

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Hi, it's Jerry in Chicago.

SB: (Seth Bogard) I just got your tweet.

JN: Did you? Where in the world are you?

SB: I am in Florida. We are on tour.

JN: How is it going?

SB: So fun.

JN: Are you with Punks or Punkettes?

SB: A combo, two of the punkettes quit. Well, they didn't technically quit. They just didn't want to tour anymore.

JN: Where do you find them?

SB: In California. I like to go to the malls to find them.

JN: Where are you from?

SB: Tucson, Arizona.

JN: How did you get in the music biz?

SB: I have been in bands for a long time since I was in high school.

JN: You were in a band called Gravy Train. I luv that name! Where does your unique sound come from?

SB: From being a teenage girl in an old man's body.

JN: What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

SB: The Sister Act Soundtrack and Nirvana.

JN: Have you gone to see the musical Sister Act yet?

SB: No, I didn't know about it until I was in New York recording an album. I saw the ad and got kind of excited. I have only been to one musical and it was Xanadu.

JN: I enjoyed that one. It got mixed reviews but I liked the humor.

SB: I thought it was really good.

JN: Do you still have your John Waters moustache?

SB: Sort of, yes. It was so funny last night. Some weird punk guy, that I will have to admit was kind of cute, had a rattail. I was drunk and said, "Eww why do you have that?" He said, " Eww why do you have that creepy gay little moustache?"

JN: I like the stache!

SB: I like it too. I think it is weird when I don't have anything on my face.

JN: John Waters got that style from Little Richard.

SB: I'm reading a Little Richard book right now. I just started it.

JN: You are? Richard has had an interesting life.

SB: I love Little Richard. I literally just got the book. I think there are two and I have the one that is less scandalous. The one that is really scandalous is hard to find.

JN: I saw your video for "You Don't Like Rock ‘n' Roll." What do you think of people that don't like rock music?

SB: I think people should like whatever they like. I only wrote part of that song. It was a reaction to most gay guys I know liking dance music. But I like dance music too.

JN: The stereotype of liking Liza and Barbra is in the video.

SB: Yes, it is a funny thing.

JN: Are you going to be wearing a thong this week at the show?

SB: You will have to wait and see. Someone threw great thongs at me last night in Florida. They kept flying at my feet.

JN: That is not a bad thing, right?

SB: It was really funny.

JN: Your new album came out this year correct?

SB: Yes, it came out in February. I am sick of it already. I am making new music but it takes forevs to come out. When you play songs a bunch you kind of get over them...

JN: How do you get music out into the world?

SB: I think with YouTube we make funny videos. The Internet is the way to go. We have a record label and publicist so we get it out that way too. I need to make a website.

JN: People can follow you on Twitter like me.

SB: Yeah, tweet me!

Follow Hunx @HunxandhisPunx and see his show in Chicago at the Double Door, 1572 N Milwaukee Avenue on September 14. Visit for ticket information.

My friend was like "wna see a gay punk band tomorrow?" I'm like "FUCK. YES."
Posted by Trevor Dean Carreon on Wed, 9/14/2011 8:46 AM
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