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The Interview

Paris Hilton

"I have five dogs, a pig, a parrot, four bunnies, two guinea pigs, two rats, two sugar gliders, which are like flying squirrels, and three cats. So I have a lot of pets."

by Jerry Nunn
Paris Hilton, the Hollywood socialite who always manages to get her name in the Tabloid headlines, is now sharing those exploits on TV for your enjoyment. Her appearances on The Simple Life with Nicole Ritchie and searching for Paris Hilton's BFF left many viewers entertained and curious to know a bit more.

The World According to Paris is her latest endeavor airing on Oxygen. Jerry Nunn takes a moment with Paris to learn more behind the scenes detail about the reality show and her world!

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Hi, Paris. Was there anything that was off limits for this reality show?

PH: (Paris Hilton) Well, when we did the meeting in the beginning with production team and the network they asked me what was off limits and I said, "Nothing except for obviously taking a shower." I wanted everyone to really be full access because I see so many of these reality shows and they're so obviously scripted. They're so fake. It's so boring to me. I didn't want to do a show like that. I feel like there's so many of them out there right now and it's just - I don't know. I just think it's not entertaining. It's not fun. It's just way too scripted and I just said, "Roll the cameras, let everything happen, and let's get everything." So, yes, there's a lot of stuff when I was watching back episodes and, like, oh my God. But I kept everything in.

JN: Were you involved in the behind the scenes?

PH: Yes, I'm the creator and producer of the show so I'm always in the editing room a couple times a week. I'm helping find music and putting it in. I've been involved every step of the way.

JN: So you get to show your creative side.

PH: Ever since I was a little girl I've always been an amazing artist and I've loved to draw and paint and design since I've been literally a teenager. So it's always been something that I've always wanted to do. And with music, I've always played the violin and the piano since I'm a little girl, and I've sang since I'm very little. So it's always been something that I wanted to do and be in the entertainment industry. I feel so lucky that I get to make a living off doing those things. And I love it.

JN: You have accomplished so much. Is there one thing that you have wanted to do but haven't?

PH: I feel like I've done almost everything I wanted to do except for real estate and doing my own hotels so that's one thing I want to accomplish.

JN: Do you keep in touch with any past BFF's from the MTV shows?

PH: Yes, I love Stephen. He's really sweet who won last season and also my Dubai BFF. I'm still friends with her. And also my BFF in London, I'm friends with him. So I'm friends with three of them. I'm friends with the other ones who didn't win as well. We're still friends but especially Stephen, I love him the most.

JN: He seemed like he really loved you.

PH: Yes, he's sweet.

JN: Would you do more seasons?

PH: You know, they call almost every single day from every country around the world wanting me to do BFFs in Italy, Germany, Russia and Japan. So I've been offered to do it everywhere but I feel like I've really grown up and, you know, that show was something that was really fun. I'm 30-years-old now and I feel like I've moved on from that show.

JN: Has fame changed people around you?

PH: I think fame affects people in different ways. With myself, I've never let it affect me. I've always remained the same person I was before all this happened. But with certain people I've seen that it really can change a person. I've seen people that were so normal, down to earth and sweet before. Then all of a sudden they become famous and they forget who they were before. They think they're better than people and just change. I guess it affects people in good ways and bad ways.

JN: Then is it important to surround yourself with people that care about you?

PH: It's really important. I've cut out a lot of bad people from my life and I've tried to keep who I really love and trust, who I know will always be there for me and want the best for me. I just try to keep all positive people in my life because I think the people who you surround yourself with really affects everything that you do and how you're perceived and everything. So now I'm with my friends and close family.

JN: Is your charity work part of the show?

PH: Yes, definitely. Charity work's always been a big part of my life ever since I'm a little girl. It's something my parents have really instilled in me and it's something that I do all the time so it will be on the show as well.

JN: You have been a fashion icon for a decade. Has your style changed a lot from your 20s to your 30s?

PH: Yes, I think my fashion sense has definitely changed a lot. In my 20s I used to be very risqué and take chances. I'm very dramatic. I love Halloween and I love dressing up so sometimes some of my outfits will look like a costume. And now I like to be more sophisticated. I love to wear different suits. I love Channel and I used to love Dolce & Gabbana. I still do but now I'm trying to be more adult. And I love Christian Dior and Ungaro, those are some of my favorite designers.

JN: Would you ever change your hair color?

PH: I've always been blonde. I feel like if I died my hair it would really damage it so if I ever did have different hair. I wear wigs just because they're fun and easy and you don't mess with your hair. But during the show I think my look is more casual because it's my everyday. When we're filming in the show it's not just events and red carpets. It's everyday life, me hanging out at my house or just chilling in bed.

So people will get to see me with no makeup on just, like, in a nightgown or sweats. Yes, I do dress up sometimes when I'm going out or an event but most of the time I'm just pretty much casual and what I wear at home.

JN: How many pets do you own?

PH:I have five dogs, a pig, a parrot, four bunnies, two guinea pigs, two rats, two sugar gliders, which are like flying squirrels, and three cats. So I have a lot of pets. And yes, they'll be on the show as well. Mostly Peter Pan, he's my Chihuahua and he's with me all the time so he's in all the scenes almost.

JN: Is there someone that you would like to collaborate with musically?

PH: I really love David Guetta. I think he's an incredible producer and every song that he does is amazing so that's one person that I'd love to do a song with.

JN: Would you ever do a Broadway musical?

PH: Over the past couple of years all the time I've been offered to play Roxie on Chicago and also to play in Rock of Ages and Sister Act and a couple other Broadway Shows. But I said no because it's a lot of work doing two shows a night, every single night.

And even though it was a huge honor to be even offered those parts, I wouldn't do it. I just feel like its way too much work and I would get bored doing the same thing every single night. I have way too much going on in my life. I would not have time.

JN: Did you film anything in New York for the show?

PH: Yes, I was born in New York so I feel like a New Yorker at heart. I love it there. So yes, we went for my birthday to New York and celebrate there. And I did the David Letterman show so that will be all on the show as well.

JN: Do you have a favorite club in New York?

PH: New York, I love - my favorite club is Lavo. I love the restaurant there too, the food is amazing. And I love FAO Schwartz. I always go there. I'm a kid at heart so I love going to the toy store. It's one of my favorite toy stores since I'm a little girl.

JN: Thanks, Paris.

PH: Bye, honey.
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