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The Interview

Joseph Sikora

Stars of 'Power' attend private screening in Chicago

"We are doing incredible work on this show, on an incredible network, at an incredible time."

by Jerry Nunn

The hit Starz television show Power is now entering into its fourth season. The series was created by Courtney Kemp and produced by rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. The story follows the owner of the nightclub Truth named St. Patrick, also known as Ghost. He is involved with an illegal drug network in New York City and is struggling to leave. With each season the drama has been heating up and the show continues to grow in popularity. Season four debuts on June 25. 

At a recent screening at Showplace Icon cast members Joseph Sikora, J.R. Ramirez, and Rotimi Akinosho walked the red carpet to answer a few questions. 

JN: (Jerry Nunn) Hi, Joseph. Great to see you again. Remember we had breakfast in the past?

JS: (Joseph Sikora) Yes, and it was delicious. This was down on Clark Street. 

JN: How have you been?

JS: I am in season four is how I have been!

JN: This show keeps going and going. 

JS: It is going great. 

JN: How is it working with these guys?

JS: I will tell you what, this character of Julio played by J.R. Ramirez has a dynamic relationship with his friend that you will see in season four. Part of that is a playing out of these inner demons that are brewing within Tommy and Ghost that come to life. It is unbelievable. 

J.R. Ramirez comes into his own in season four. It couldn’t be more exciting or a better platform for the excitement, and sexiness, on Power!

JN: Can you describe your characters a bit?

RA: (Rotimi Akinosho) Dre is a survivor. He is a mix of Ghost and Kanan. Ghost is the main character of the show played by Omari Hardwick. He wants to take over and be the new boss. This season he explores that and learns a lot about himself. 

JR: (J.R. Ramirez) Julio has been with them since the jump. He is one of the only ones that knows them, the ins and outs, and their family. They put total trust in him, because they know he will always be loyal, and has their back. 

He makes sure the organization runs smoothly. 

JS: My character Thomas Patrick Egan is a Queens native and a street hustler kid that was hugging the block until it was time to move on. He was taught by Kanan, played my Curtis 50 Cent Jackson, along with his non biological, but even deeper than that brother James St. “Ghost” Patrick. Tommy has made it out of the hood. He made it to a distribution place of the largest drug network in the Five Burros. Now he is running the show. 

Along with him is Julio, played by J.R. Ramirez. We are bringing this to another level. Because Omari Hardwick’s character Ghost is now in jail. Tommy has to balance that life being the head of the St. Patrick family and this drug lord organization. 

He is also dealing with Rotimi’s character of Dre, who he is not quite sure if he trusts, but he knows the man does work, and completes what he says he is going to do. Anybody who can do that in life needs to be given credit. 

JN: There was a new lesbian character introduced last season called Jukebox. 

JS: She is great. Kanan comes back and deals with that character. It is interesting that Dre sucks the life out of them. They put demands on Dre, but we all know he is smarter and can’t be manipulated, because he most closely emulates the character of Ghost. 

RA: It is his purpose. He really wants to get that one opportunity to show he is just as capable as Ghost, Kanan, and Tommy. Season four shows he his about this life and can handle anything that is thrown at him. 

JN: I appreciate the diversity the show has now. 

JS: We have to give credit to Courtney Kemp, the show’s creator for really pushing the diversity that is New York and being represented with all flavors and factions. 

JN: You played Wildcat on the TV show Arrow. How was that?

JR: I didn’t have the boxing skills that Jospeh Sikora has, but I try. It was a blast. 

JN: You were in the HBO movie Normal in the past, Joseph. Do you watch Feud?

JS: Oh yeah, and American Horror Story. It is the golden age of television and I think the three of us are proud to be part of that as the second most watched television show in premium cable, Power. it played in 175 different countries. We are so proud to be part a part of it. We are doing incredible work on this show, on an incredible network, at an incredible time. 

We have huge stars like William Sadler, Charlie Murphy, Larenz Tate, and Lee Ferguson who are coming to play with us. 

JN: You were on HBO’s Boss correct, Rotimi?

RA: Yes. 

JN: It was filmed here in Chicago?

RA: Yes, and it was my first audition and my first acting experience. I was blessed to have Kelsey Grammer behind my whole evolution. He really took me in. 

JS: What a humble guy because the talent you have to have to not only get cast, but you have to synch. His character in Boss would have been killed off if he didn’t have the skills to pay the bills. 

The same thing goes for J.R. because he and I have such an interesting dynamic. Tommy is a bully and brash. If you don’t have the gumption to be able to handle that character like J.R. brought to Julio you don’t make it to season four. He obviously does and is in a leadership position. 

JR: Real quick because he’s been raving about us, I will say in my ten years in this business I have had the pleasure of having an acting class everyday because of Mr. Jospeh Sikora so than you.

RA: He is so generous as an actor. I will also say that he tells me if I don’t get my stuff right I will look like an idiot. 

JS: Or get fired [all laugh]!

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