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Chicago Pride Fest returns with a big entertainment lineup

Mya, Kim English and La Bouche among the acts for Chicago Pride Fest, June 16 - 17

Chicago, IL — Chicago Pride Fest 2018 is less than two months away, and today, organizers are kicking off the annual buzz leading up to the festivities by announcing the entertainment acts pegged to take the stage this year.

Mya performs Chicago Pride Fest 2018, June 17 :: northalsted business alliance
Mya performs Chicago Pride Fest 2018, June 17 
credit :: northalsted business alliance
International R&B idol Mya and iconic diva Belinda Carlisle are among the entertainment lineup, featuring a mix of national acts and local talent making for 2 full days of non-stop entertainment in the heart of Boystown this June.

"No neighborhood puts on a better party than Boystown," said Northalsted Business Alliance Executive Director Chad Honeycutt. "But more importantly, Pride Fest fosters an atmosphere of celebration, appreciation and hope that is special to this event."

Pride Fest kicks off on Saturday, June 16, with La Bouche, Chicago-native Carlito Olivero, Frenchie Davis, Kim English, and Jessica Sanchez, a finalist from season 11 of American Idol

"I have a big gay following and have a lot of really close friends who are gay as well. I'm a big supporter of everyone," Olivero told before his 2014 Chicago Pride Fest appearance.

On Sunday, June 17, performers include LGBT ally and Go-Go's founder Belinda Carlisle, Blake Lewis, Brian Justin Crumb, and Mya.

"I believe in equal rights for everyone and that means everyone. Even if I didn't have a gay son I probably would be involved," Carlisle told

Local favorites include Cat Fight, One Night Band, Abba Salute, Boy Band Review, and 16 Candles.

Complete Pride Fest Schedule

In addition to the 3 entertainment stages, the two-day street festival features food and drink, over 100 arts/craft and merchant vendors, DJs and dancing, drag shows and more.

Another fun-filled highlight of Chicago Pride Fest is the annual Pet Pride Parade, which starts at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday, June 17.

Pride Fest, scheduled the weekend prior to the annual Chicago Pride Parade, brings together tens of thousands of LGBT supporters annually. It runs from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. down North Halsted Street from Addison to Grace. Organizers suggest a $10 donation upon entering.

The 2018 Chicago Pride Parade, which now brings more than a million visitors to the Uptown and Lakeview neighborhoods of Chicago, is slated for Sunday, June 24 starting at noon.

Chicago Pride Fest is organized by and benefits the Northalsted Business Alliance, the organization behind Northalsted Market Days, Frost Fest and the Halloween Parade. For information visit


Chicago Pride Fest (June 16-17)

11 am – 10 pm; North Halsted from Addison to Grace; $10 Suggested Donation

Saturday, June 16

North Stage

1:00PM  Drag Show

2:30PM  La Bouche

3:15PM  Carlito Olivero

4:00PM  Drag Show

6:00PM  Frenchie Davis

7:00PM  Drag Show

8:15PM  Kim English

9:00PM  Jessica Sanchez

South Stage

12:00PM  Gay Men's Chorus

1:15PM  Hello Weekend

3:00PM  Don't Speak

4:45PM  Cat Fight

6:45PM  TL Williams & Band

8:30PM  The Four C's

Sunday, June 17

North Stage

12:30PM  VIP Pet Care Pet Pride Parade Kick-Off

2:30PM  Belinda Carlisle

3:15PM  Blake Lewis

4:00PM  Drag Show

6:00PM  Thea Austin

6:45PM  Drag Show

8:00PM  Brian Justin Crumb

9:00PM  Mya

South Stage

12:30PM  Chicago Spirit Brigade

1:00PM  VIP Pet Care Pet Pride Parade Finish

1:30PM  One Night Band

3:30PM  Abba Salute

5:15PM  Boy Band Review

7:45PM  16 Candles        

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Cassidy Andrea Morgan lets go this year
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Anna Cohen-Price
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Why isn't Belinda Carlisle in the headline? So excited she's going to be there!
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Jefferson Ngo Jessica Sanchez!
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Vikki - less than 2 months away? Doesn't even feel like it with this snow you're missing out on. Stuck in January \ud83d\ude2b
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Trying not to giggle at Kim English and Frenchie for the 10th time. Good call on Belinda!
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Mya AGAIN......
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check out the booth for Center on Halsted, and join us!
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I'm. Shocked Taylor Dayne isn't the headliner \ud83d\ude04
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