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The roller-coaster life of the now-married Kevin Lee Gonzalez

Kevin Lee hit rock-bottom when he was in institutions for 10 months.  It was embarrassing and admittedly very hard, and not just on the ego.  There also was a time when he was on the beach along Lake Michigan – with nowhere to go; he was homeless because of his drug and alcohol addiction.

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Lee Gonzalez 
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And all of this has been over the past couple of years.

Demons had seemingly engulfed him.  He had a rough childhood that, he admits, "mentally messed me up."  As an adult, he says he didn't have the tools to be successful.  Plus, he used, perhaps abused, drugs and alcohol.

"My life nearly killed me," he said.

"I'm thankful that I have friends who were there for me, and still are.  A lot of people don't have that, and I learned that in those institutions.  It took a village last year to help me, (including those at) Loretto Hospital Addiction Center, Haymarket Center, St Joseph's Hospital, Boulevard and Thorek Hospital, and others."

Today, he couldn't be any farther from the person he was just one year ago.

"Today, I am clean; I look and feel great, and am taking things one day at a time," he said.

And Kevin Lee is no more.  Instead, he is Kevin Lee Gonzalez, though he just goes by Lee Gonzalez.

And, he's married.

"I will say 2018, so far, has been way better than previous years," said Gonzalez, who tied the knot on Feb. 21 in Chicago to Oto.  Both are 33.  "I'm trying to maintain a healthy mental and physical lifestyle.  I'm doing everything I can to do that, (including more) reading, therapy etc."

His life has been the wildest roller-coaster you can imagine.

Now is that fun, memorable part of the ride.

Gonzalez has lived in Chicago for the past 12 years, his home now is in the Edgewater Beach area.  He was born in Utah and raised in Charleston S.C.

"Last October, I went from Kevin Lee to Lee ...I just feel like Kevin Lee took on its own persona and personality, mostly because I used my real name in entertainment. I wanted to calm it down a little," he said.

Gonzalez jokes that he met his future husband the old-fashioned way ...via Grindr.

"We didn't do the stereotypical dating.  We just stayed in mostly; we cooked, played video games, (watched) movies and just non-stressful or awkward public things as we got to know each other.  Plus, winter in Chicago is not the best dating weather.  We made the most of it, though.

"Oto lets me be myself; it's like we're best friends.  Just best friends that, well, you know ...He also lets me shove Mariah Carey down his throat and he watches conspiracy documentaries with me, without judgment.  It really is an easy relationship. Growing up, I was always around angry adults, (yet) our relationship is just easy and stress-free.

"We've rarely spent a night apart since we met."

Oto proposed to Lee this past New Year's Eve.

They are planning a ceremony for June.

Getting married, Gonzalez said, "feels better than I imagined."

And, he added with a wink, "I even wore white."

Gonzalez is working as a freelance personal trainer which, he said, "lets me be more creative and inspired, and I'm making more money than a corporate (job) would pay, which is always a plus."

In the spring, Gonzalez will re-start boot camp-style training and beach training.

"Working out really is a major piece of the puzzle that helps people feel better about themselves," Gonzalez said.  "I get so inspired when I see my clients achieving things they never thought they could.  I myself workout a lot, and it shows – that helps me business-wise."

Getting To Know ...Kevin Lee Gonzalez

Compare Lee of 2018 to Kevin of 2017:  "Older, wiser and happier."

Short-term Goals:  "Continue building (my) business, helping myself and others with Obsessed Fitness Training, and learning Spanish."

Long-term Goals:  "I want to bring Lamby to life on stage.  I want to do a one-act comedy show as Lamby."

Favorite Chicago Restaurant: "I like to cook, so I don't eat out a lot.  But I do love all the fried food I can get at Hamburger Mary's ...on a cheat-day of course."

Favorite Chicago Bar:  "Roscoe's was my first bar I ever went to and I have the most memories there.  Bobby at Bobby Love's has always been kind to me as well."

One Celebrity You'd Like To Meet: Michelle Obama

Favorite Movie: The Patriot

Favorite TV Show: RuPaul's Drag Race

Dream Vacation Destination: Tel Aviv

Pizza Ingredients: Extra sauce, cheese & pepperoni. Extra extra extra.

Favorite app: Spotify

(Complete this sentence):  I'm Better Than Most ..."at not being a sheep. Let's just leave it at that."

(Complete this sentence):  Even My Close Friends Will Be Surprised To Learn ..."I actually top more than bottom.  A lot more."

Boxers or Briefs:  "I can't wear briefs because my thighs rub together and if there's material it hurts.  I can wear boxers if I'm not working out."
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