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April 13, 2018

Nunn on the Run:
Heroes and villains converge at Rosemont


Heroes and villains converge at Rosemont
For two days Heroes & Villians Fan Fest took over the Donald E. Stepehsn Convention Center in Rosemont. Now expanded into two sections titled Walker Stalker and Heroes & Villians this fan factory makes everyone feel welcome and doesn't limit the convention to only Walking Dead stars.

The layout really worked well with lots of room to roam freely. There was a whole section for the kiddies and my favorite zombies were ready to be played with.

Heroes and villains converge at Rosemont
The same weekend at C2E2 in the city did not seem to conflict with this AMC centered festival. Dressing up is not the focus but encouraged as fans had the opportunity to meet some of their favorite TV and movie stars.

Ross Marquand who plays gay character Aaron on The Walking Dead stopped signing autographs to talk to me for an upcoming interview. He was kind and it was obvious he enjoyed being there. He described himself as a fan and it truly showed.

Heroes and villains converge at Rosemont
Independent out horror filmmaker John Borowski had a booth to sell his various films focusing on serial killers. His upcoming film called Bloodlines: The Art and Life of Vincent Castiglia features the always entertaining Margaret Cho among other stars and sounds intriguing from his description of it.

Heroes and villains converge at Rosemont
Other booths had artists painting live and in person such as Scott Spillman, along with tons of merchandise offered for sale around the showroom.

Panels kept things interesting with Q&As from fans throughout both days. Performers such as The Harp Twins kept the crowds entertained on the strings.

Heroes and villains converge at Rosemont
If you were into boy bands Nick Carter made an appearance signing autographs and thanks to his Backstreet Boys following he was kept very busy.

Food, drinks, and even tattoos were all offered to attendees for purchase on the spot. Who could ask for anything more? Let's hope this convention keeps coming back for more next year, just like a hungry zombie!

Heroes and villains converge at Rosemont
Fan Fest heads to my hometown in Nashville, TN. on May 12 & 13. Don't miss it and purchase a ticket at today before they are gobbled up.

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