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December 14, 2017

Gay Chicago Rewind:
Gay life in Chicago this week, back in... 1985, 1992 and 2010


(December 14-20, 2017, 2017)

Gay life in Chicago this week, back in...


In the clubs and bars, eat breakfast at the bar on Sunday mornings at Bulldog Road, 2916 N. Broadway; Lynn Roeder, Tommy Oman, and Denise Tomasello are the stars performing at Gentry, 712 N. Rush St.; there are male dancers and DJs Danny Goss and Mark Vallese at Showcase One, 959, W. Belmont; the Insane Animal Whores are performing at Berlin, 954 W. Belmont; Michael "K" presents the Lip Synch Semi Finals at Club Normandy, 3400 N. Clark. Includes a Male Strip Contest; have a ball at the Manhandler, 1948 N. Halsted, Christmas Party; and come to the tree-trimming party at Inner Circle, 2546 N. Clark St.


Gay life in Chicago this week, back in... 1985, 1992 and 2010
IMAGE: Watergate – Gay Life October 29, 1975

MUSIC PLAYLIST courtesy of Terri Bristol: 1) "Alive and Kicking" – Simple Minds; 2) "Run from Love" – Bronski Beat; 3) "Brothers" – D.A.F. (Razormaid): 4) "I Like You" – Phyllis Nelson; 5) "Dead Eyes Opened/Petrol" – Severed Heads; 6) "Wallies/Heaven" – Anne Clark; 7) "Stand Back" – Stephanie Mills; 8) "Over the Shoulder" – Ministry; 9) G.I. Blues" – Grace Jones; 10) "Motion Rotation" – Cabaret Voltaire.


Quotes from Gay Chicago:

"I'm sure there are homophobes out there who would seek to use AIDS as a punishment of homosexuals, but most thinking people do not perceive it that way." – New York City Mayor Ed Koch

"What's being unleashed on us has little to do with the communicability of this disease. We need to be out there, despite the homophobia, to resist these moves to deny the lesbian and gay existence." – Maxine Wolf


The Windy City Gay Chorus (WCGC) perform "Don We Now XIV: An American Holiday Portrait" at the Preston Bradley Hall, 941 W. Lawrence Avenue. This is the premiere of Unison, Windy City Lesbian and Gay Singers. Their part of the show includes "You Are So Beautiful" with a new arrangement by Richard Garrin, music director for WCGC and Unison; "Stopping by Woods," the Robert Frost poem set to music by Chicagoan Richard Manners; "Hymn to a New Age"; "Stranger Share Our Fire"; "Noel"; and "Many in One."


Gay life in Chicago this week, back in... 1985, 1992 and 2010
IMAGE: Virgo Out – Gay Life October 29, 1975

Some of the restaurants advertising in the gay press include: Café du Printemps, 2916 N/. Broadway; Cornelia's, 750 W. Cornelia-a great neighborhood deserves a Great American Italian restaurant; Mike's Broadway Café, 3805 N. Broadway–only gay-owned full-service restaurant open 24 hours on weekends; El Jardin, 3335 N. Clark St; the Fireplace Inn, 1448 N. Wells St.–the oldest and finest rib house; and Mama Mia's, 3316 N. Halsted.


An article in Gay Chicago begins:

"'Tis the season to 'Sit on Santa' is the theme of a new campaign launched by Mr. Windy City David Wilshire and the Rodde Lesbian and Gay Community Center of Chicago.

"Funds raised in the holiday benefit go to the ongoing fundraising campaign to purchaser a new lesbian and gay community center building in Lake View, said Rodde Fund President Michael Harrington."


An article in Windy City Times reads:

"LoBianco takes over StreetWise

"Jim LoBianco, an openly gay man who worked as deputy commissioner at the Office of Homeless Services for the City of Chicago, has taken over as executive director of StreetWise, Inc.

LoBianco left the city office in a storm of controversy, as he resigned in April after being charged with driving under the influence and failure to reduce his speed after hitting a car in the Lake View neighborhood.

"LoBianco will take over Jan. 1, 2011. On his Facebook page, he posted, 'As I have come to know StreetWise, I have been very impressed by the agency's success in accomplishing its mission, the dedication of its staff, and the commitment of its board of directors. I am honored that the board has entrusted me with the responsibility of leading such a critical and well-run organization.'"


Gay life in Chicago this week, back in... 1985, 1992 and 2010
IMAGE: The Machine Shop – Gay Life October 25, 1984

An article in Windy City Times begins:

"Tunney, chamber comment on Wal-Mart rumors

"Ald. Tom Tunney of Chicago's 44th Ward has issued a statement on his website responding to rumors that Wal-Mart may move into Lakeview, near the corner of Clark, Broadway and Diversey.

"Tunney stated: 'I have recently heard that [Wal-Mart] may be interested in renting a location here in the 44th Ward. I have not seen any conceptual plans for a proposed store in Lakeview. If any plans come forward, it will be vetted through a rigorous community process.

As a small business owner, I understand the impact any big-box retailer would have on our neighborhood. We will work together, residents and businesses, to continue to make our community a better place to live, raise a family, shop and own a business."


Gay life in Chicago this week, back in... 1985, 1992 and 2010
IMAGE: Gay Chicago cover – Gay Chicago May 27, 1982

"Alien Queen - A Sci-Fi Rock ParOdyssey Scooty & JoJo offer you a delicious parody of Hollywood's most terrifying sci-fi franchise, complete with enormous alien puppets, a multi-talented genderbending cast, a laser light show and a four-piece rock band covering the legendary songs of Queen. Circuit Night Club, 3641 N Halsted St.

December 18, 2010

Sappho's Solstice Salon benefits Broadway Youth Center.

Sappho's Salon, popular salon night for lesbians and their friends, makes the yuletide gay with the annual Solstice Salon, DJ SpinNikki, pop, dance, soul, indie rock, holiday favorites; surprise guests; mulled wine; festive treats. Takes place at Women & Children First, 5233 N. Clark.


Anyone go to the Watergate bar?

Who were the Insane Animal Whores?

Is DJ Danny Goss still around?

Gay Chicago Photo Rewind

Gay life in Chicago this week, back in... 1985, 1992 and 2010
Rick Karlin and Ed Lund photograph at the Closet and Act II for Gay Chicago

December 12, 1985

Gay life in Chicago this week, back in... 1985, 1992 and 2010
Terry Gaskins photographs the National Association of Gay and Lesbian Journalists,

North End, and Sidetrack for Gay Chicago July 25, 1995

Gay life in Chicago this week, back in... 1985, 1992 and 2010
Terry Gaskins and Rick Karlin photograph parties around the city for Gay Chicago

September 16, 1993

Gay life in Chicago this week, back in... 1985, 1992 and 2010
St. Sukie photographs Ifti Nasim, Israel and Jim at Charlie's, and a dancer at North

End for Nightlines February 14, 2001

Thanks go to publishers Michael Bergeron for Chicago Gay Crusader, Ralph and Craig Gernhardt for Gay Chicago, Grant Ford and Chuck Renslow for Gay Life, Malone Sizelove for Babble/Gab, David Costanza and others for Chicago Free Press, Jeff McCourt for Windy City Times, Stacy Bridges and Mark Nagel for GRAB, and Tracy Baim for all the publications at the Windy City Media Group, which aided the above research. St. Sukie de la Croix is an internationally published reporter, playwright, photographer and historian. He is also the author of Chicago Whispers: A History of LGBT Chicago Before Stonewall published by the University of Wisconsin Press.

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