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October 15, 2017

Nunn on the Run:
Haunted Happenings Are Here


Haunted Happenings Are Here
There are some scary haunted houses happening in the outskirts of Chicagoland that are not to be missed.

The Dungeon of Doom in Zion, Illinois, was a first for me this year. Bring the bug spray as it is located out in a field like area and lines are outdoors. The drive there was frightening enough with signage being spotty and a major trek from the city.

It was worth it all though. My friend and I were buried alive leaving us traumatized afterwards. While this place not be for everyone, it definitley had several heart stopping moment along the way. Visit to grab a ticket today before time runs out.

Haunted Happenings Are Here
With only a few weeks left before Halloween it's time to plan an adventure to Morton Grove. One of my favorite haunted places in the past is the A quick drive as opposed to the Zion roadtrip, this place is a staple for a scary good time. Some of the rooms could use some retooling and the library lacked scares because it was not staffed enough to pop out where needed, but overall a good spot for fun and bring a group with you to add to the experience. VIP will pay off the closer it gets to the big spooky holiday so pay the extra cash.

If being outside is more your thing then head to Halsted Street for the parade now on its 21st year. Actually on Oct. 31 Tuesday, be sure and arrive in time to sign up for the contest and walk the runway down the strip at 7:30 p.m. Registration is now open at for four categories drag, group, scariest, and theme. The price is right being free. Many straight people have not yet discovered this highlight to the city's season of the witch.

Happy Halloween, boo!

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