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September 24, 2017

Nunn on the Run:
Party in Union Park With North Coast


Party in Union Park With North Coast
For three days North Coast Music Festival returned once again to Union Park Sept. 1-3. The diverse music festival had something for everyone talent wise from rapper Gucci Mane to alt rockers Primus and Ween.

Party in Union Park With North Coast
The crowd was diverse also with a fun vibe that welcomed the LGBT community with open arms. People dressed up in a variety of costumes with glitter being a major factor. Signs were crafted to support a favorite act. Crowd pleaser Post Malone brought his unique sound. Unfortuanely the weather did not cooperate and it began to rainm during his set. Hopefully he returns soon and has a new album on the way.

Party in Union Park With North Coast
There were tons of vendor booths surrounding the stages that allowed guests to purchase art, clothing, and crafts. Food trucks and more booths offered every kind of street food known to man.

The crowd would definitley not go hungry on that weekend.

Party in Union Park With North Coast
The rest of the weekend went well with the weather not holding back festival goers who had a great time.

Visit www.NorthCoastMusicFestival for next year's lineup when available.

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