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May 10, 2017

Nunn's Theater Habit:
Snatched is the perfect Mother's Day movie


Snatched is the perfect Mother's Day movie
The new vehicle starring two dirty blonde comedians Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn has perfect timing to open on Mother's Day weekend. While it might be much for a conservative mother most really like the raunchy humor if the mood suits.

Snatched is the story of a mother and daughter traveling to a foreign country together. After a series of mishaps the two barely survive to grow closer.

With summer movies playing over two hours usually it is nice to have an hour and a half running time. Hawn has some nice moments as a cat lady, but it is Schumer who does all the comedy heavy lifting. She does it well and with gusto. There are some laugh out loud moments and the segment with tape worm was gut busting!

Snatched is the perfect Mother's Day movie
Hawn has some nice moments as Linda Middleton the cat lady, but it is Schumer as Emily Middleton who does the comedic heavy lifting. She allows herself to fall flat on her face in front of the other cast members much like she did in Trainwreck. Ike Barinholtz as her brother Jeffrey is ready for a spin off as the new Napoleon Dynamite.

Wanda Sykes plays what could have been a throwaway part well and her partner Joan Cusack steals the show without saying a word!

There are strange white titles describing locations throughout and people still don't get it. One lady on the elevator said, "I'm never going to Mexico now." It is set in Ecuador and Colombia with filming in Hawaii!

While we have a ways to go culturally and with how women can carry a motion picture, Snatched is great step in the right direction as it pokes fun at all of that. Take a trip to see it with your mother this weekend!

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